Our people

Our People

INNOSEA’s international team of marine renewable energy specialists includes a wide range of engineering disciplines and renewable energy consultants. Our team includes multidisciplinary engineers and PhDs specialising in aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, structural analysis, design engineering and geotechnical engineering.

Contact our management team or service and sector leaders to find a relevant consultant to support you and your project.

Jean-Christophe Gilloteaux

Head of Research & Development (R&D)

Pierrick de Belizal

Structural Engineering Technical Lead

Valentin Arramounet Labiorbe

Ocean Engineering Technical Lead

Mattias Lynch

Head of Engineering

Jordi Serret

Senior Renewables Consultant

Bruno Borgarino

Head of Climate Change Adaptation Services / Senior Project Manager

Rémy Pascal

Senior Project Engineer / Tank Testing Project Manager

Hélène Robic

Wind Turbine Loads Analysis Technical Lead

Hakim Mouslim

Managing Director

Benoat Danglade

Floating Solar Expert

Quentin Trebaol

Co-Technical Lead Hydrodynamics and Ocean Engineering

Maria Ikhennicheu

Floating Solar Lead and hydrodynamicist

Felix Gorintin

Floating Solar Expert