Benoat Danglade

Benoat Danglade


Marine Engineer, Project Manager, Renewables Consultant




Benoat is working as a project engineer and manager on floating solar projects within INNOSEA. Since 2019, Benoat has played a key role in developing, checking and continuously improving INNOSEA’s design tools and methodologies for mooring and anchoring systems applicable to floating solar. For instance, Benoat has been a key part of INNOSEA’s contribution to the Joint Industry Project that led to the publication of the first recommended practice applicable to the sector.

Since early 2021, Benoat has also been exposed to the supervision of floating solar projects on site, having been involved in procedures review, inspection, audits, site visits and interface management workshops related to anchor testing, mooring and anchoring (both permanent and temporary), and towing/hook-up operations notably. He has trained over 15 companies and 200 people in floating solar. Benoat has worked on over 20 FPV projects on dam reservoirs and 30 projects on quarry lakes.