Hélène Robic

Wind Turbine Loads Analysis Technical Lead


Mechanical Engineer, Renewables Consultant, Turbine Engineer


Integrated Loads Assessment and Structural Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbines (WTG fixed and floating foundations), Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Wind Turbine Engineering




Hélène is the Wind Turbine Loads Technical Lead at INNOSEA. She has significant expertise in the integrated loads assessment and structural analysis of offshore wind turbines (WTG fixed or floating foundation). Her expertise includes wind turbine and foundation modelling and management of interfaces between Foundation Designer & WTG Supplier. She is an intensive user of Bladed GH and FAST aeroelastic software and has a detailed knowledge of offshore wind standards. Since she joined INNOSEA, Hélène has managed several INNOSEA projects related to WTG foundations.

Helene is a French citizen and a native French speaker and fluent in English.