Windfloat Atlantic Project Portugal

Project description

The Windfloat project followed by Windfloat Atlantic is continental Europe’s 1st floating offshore wind power plant, involving 3 turbines on floating platforms, and broken down into two phases:

  • Phase I: 1 turbine – 2MW
  • Phase II: 3 turbines – 25 MW

These were installed at 45m depth of water.

Innosea scope of work

Innosea supported with an integrated package of ocean engineering services at both phase I and II of the project, as follows:

Windfloat project (2MW), 2011 – 2016:

  • Benchmarking and strategic support on offshore wind
  • Public outreach
  • Environmental monitoring & assessment
  • Inspection campaigns with ROV
  • O&M accessibility analysis
  • Numerical simulation of platform motion
  • Performance data analysis (mooring analysis, platform motions, structural loads, power production)

Innosea’s parent company ABL Group supported the 1st phase of the project with marine warranty survey.

Windfloat Atlantic (25MW), 2016:

  • Environmental impact assessment