Stationis: Floating wind farm design turn-key software

Product description

STATIONIS is a first-of-its-kind digital solution to design and scale the subsea infrastructure, anchoring and electrical connections of floating wind farms, optimising performance and output of subsea connections.

The tool has been developed by a collaborative partnership that comprises floating wind power developer EOLFI (part of the Shell Group), Innosea, electrical engineering and numerical simulation consultancy Capsim, software providers AbyssCAD and engineering school Centrale Nantes.

Unique process

Via a user-friendly interface, the software enables:

  • SIZE: Design and sizing of subsea electrical and mooring architecture, including equipment of a FTS (Floating Turbine System)
  • VISUALISE: 3D / 2D farms views, producing technical reports, drawings and cost breakdown structure
  • COMPARE: Compares design against technical, cost, and risk Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • ADAPT: Facilitates informed decision making regarding farm layout modifications and selection of electrical and anchoring equipment for optimum performance of subsea connections

STATIONIS’s benefits

  1. Turnkey software: combined analysis through key performance indicators (KPIs) – technical, economical, environmental and reliability / risks
  2. Farm level analysis: Line clashing, mooring and anchoring cabling
  3. Fast decisions: Fast preliminary analysis and comparison of hundreds of solutions and options
  4. User-friendly: 3D and intuitive graphical interface

Find our more about STATIONIS by downloading the flier, or visit the website: