Seaturns project

Project description

Seaturns seeks to develop a breakthrough solution for a wave energy converter, based on an innovative anchoring system.

The project seeks to deliver on 5 key research objectives to harness the significant potential power from wave energy and convert it to electricity:

  1. Minimise the levelised cost of energy (LCOE)
  2. Ensure a high level of reliability and survivability to withstand severe sea states
  3. Efficiently capture different types of swell
  4. Facilitate installation and maintenance operations at sea
  5. Minimise the cost and frequency of maintenance interventions
Tank testing: AAU à Aalborg début 2020
Tank testing: FEUP à Porto fin 2020
Tank testing: IHC à Santander mi-2021

Innosea’s scope of work

Innosea was appointed by the Seaturns project to support testing, calibration and characterisation of the Seaturns innovation in realistic sea conditions.

The scope of work included the following:

  • Support the test of the concept in several tank testing campaigns, incl. – test plant, support during tests, data analysis, reporting and recommendations
  • General WEC design workshop for concept generation
  • Technology performance evaluation of the technology, involving ad-hoc numerical model
  • Assistance for successful funding applications

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