PORTOS project – Ports towards energy self-sufficiency

Project description

PORTOS is a multinational collaborative project, with the main objective to develop and promote the implementation of renewable energy across Atlantic Area ports, aiming to accelerate two environmental priorities for ports:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by providing renewable energy-based solutions to harvest the renewable energy potential of Atlantic Area coastal areas
  • Increase the ports energy efficiency, establishing a roadmap to a more competitive and sustainable sector

Innosea’s scope of work

Innosea joins a number of project partners, as R&D partner, integrating engineering and advisory services with expertise across marine renewable energies, to support evaluations into feasible and viable renewable energy integration for selected ports.

Innosea also benefits from the maritime civil engineering expertise of its parent company, ABL Group, to look at the infrastructural demands of integrating different renewable solutions into existing port infrastructure.