Flotant Project

Project description

Flotant is an EU Horizon-2020 funded R&D project to develop innovative, low cost, low weigth and safe floating wind technology optimised for deep water wind sites. It focuses on optimised designs for the mooring, anchoring and subsea interconnection arrangement for floating offshore turbines.

The multinational collaborative project has developed a concept design and basic engineering for a hybrid concrete-plastic floating windfarm platform, looking at innovative solutions for anchoring, mooring systems, and dynamic cabling.

Innosea’s scope of work

Innosea’s scope of work can be split into three areas:

  • Hydrodynamic assessment and dynamic cable configuration determination and optimisation to develop a lightweight and high-performance dynamic cable
  • Stability analysis and wave-structure interaction analysis to develop a new solution for offshore floating substructure
  • Coupled simulations and global performance assessment of the integrated FLOTANT solution

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