Meet the Team: Clementine Girandier

At Innosea, our teams are constantly expanding, into more locations, in expertise and in sectors of influence, so that our people can truly drive safety and sustainability across our energy and oceans.

Our people are at the heart of what we do, and we invite you to get to know our team members so you can meet the energy behind change.

This week, we speak to Clementine Girandier – Dpt. Service Line Lead, Integrated Loads Assessment, based in our head office Nantes.

Position: Dpt. Service Line Lead, Integrated Loads Assessment

Office: Innosea Nantes, France

Hobbies: Practicing artistic roller skating, reading, hiking and biking

What does your day-to-day look like at Innosea?

I work part time seconded to the R&D department of a wind turbine manufacturer. In this secondment, I manage an Innosea team working on the development of new methods regarding loads assessment. I spend my time analysing results, developing tools and supporting the members of my team in their work.

The other half of my time is spend working on internal Innosea projects, performing technical studies or supporting my team members. Typical technical studies involve the modelling of the whole wind turbine, including the tower, the foundation or the floater on an aero-elastic software. We also define the design load cases to be modelled, which correspond to the environmental conditions to be applied and the operating conditions of the wind turbine. We then run time domain simulations and extract the driving loads to give them to our structural team who would verify the design.

Between projects, I work also on the development of efficient tools and good practices.

What inspired you to join your industry?

I was always interested in the renewable energy sector. When I was in engineering school, I chose the “Ocean” specialization with marine renewable energy as my option. Once graduated, I wanted to look for a job in this innovative sector still in a development phase in France. I joined Innosea in 2015, which allowed me to be part of the development of this exciting and sustainable industry!

Can you tell us about something exciting you are working on right now?

I am currently working on the long-term research & development plan for the team for future years. It’s exciting to think about innovations to come and how we can improve the efficiency and the quality of our work while developing potential new services. 

In the context of my secondment, I also had the opportunity to go on the top of an onshore wind turbine in the nacelle. It was amazing to see for real how big the machinery is and all of the components, to enjoy the view from the top, and to have an idea of the maintenance work required on these assets.

What does the future look like in energy and oceans in France?

Very promising and exciting! There is a huge potential for offshore wind in various parts of France. Several wind farm projects are planned in the next years in France, especially floating ones and I can’t wait for OWC – our parent company, and Innosea to be part of the development of these projects!

This year’s theme for INWED24 is ‘enhanced by engineering’. How do you think we can enhance opportunities in engineering for women?

Through Innosea, I am part of the association Capital Filles. The idea is to empower school-aged girls and give them the confidence and support to apply to higher education and universities. It’s not only for science and engineering, but it is a good way to show to girls that women can work in any areas, especially engineering. I am really pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of such a scheme!

Discover Innosea at Seanergy, Nantes

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Where: ABL Group Stand D17

When:  26-28 June 2024