Innosea and OWC Team Up for Metocean

The Innosea team in Nantes had the pleasure recently of welcoming five of our colleagues from parent company OWC in Hamburg, Germany, for a day of knowledge exchange, discussion and a technical workshop surrounding metocean analysis and engineering.

The training focussed on topics relating to metocean measurements on-site and data analysis techniques.

What is Metocean all about?

Metocean analysis refers to the study of meteorological and oceanographic conditions. Its in-depth and expert analysis is a critical component when planning and developing offshore wind and other marine renewable technologies, and its advanced understanding has a direct impact on the long-term commercial feasibility of a project.

Metocean analysis is key for several reasons including the following:

  • Energy resource or yield assessment: Metocean analysis helps define wind and wave patterns in offshore locations, therefore providing essential data to assessing the renewable energy resource potential of a particular site.
  • Design and Engineering: The data provides critical inputs for designing offshore renewable energy infrastructure with the resilience to withstand the local environment over an asset’s planned operational life-cycle
  • Operational efficiency: Understanding metocean conditions at a particular site also allows for operators to develop advanced planning for optimised renewable energy performance, enabling more accurate decision making for operations & maintenance campaigns (O&M)
  • Risk mitigation: Advanced foresight of extreme weather conditions at a particular site also influences design and engineering decisions not only at project development, but also for operations & maintenance campaigns (O&M) – thereby mitigating against unforeseen costs in advance for a project
  • Safety: Metocean analysis provides essential information for ensuring safety of workers, vessels and equipment during installation, operation and maintenance activities – further mitigating risk and unforeseen costs to a project or asset

OWC and Innosea have long provided in-house expertise in metocean and measurement advisory, as one of our technical study areas to support the commercial development of offshore and floating wind, as well as other marine renewable technologies, including floating solar PV, wave and tidal energy.

Joining the technical round-table from OWC Hamburg, were:

  • Patrick Schwenk – Head of Metocean and Measurement Advisory at OWC
  • Anantha Kidambi – Snr Metocean Consultant, OWC
  • Dan Trinh – Snr Metocean Consultant, OWC
  • Jagadish Vallarampara – Snr Metocean Consultant, OWC
  • Roberto Mulero-Martinez – Metocean Consultant, OWC

A great day was had by all – and thank you so much to our colleagues from Hamburg for making the trip!

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