Innosea concludes PORTOS Project

Innosea – the French specialist branch of the renewable energy consultants OWC– has supported the European research and development (R&D) project PORTOS – Ports towards energy self-sufficiency, with its ‘Adaptation to Climate Change’ expert services.

The European R&D Interreg PORTOS project has recently been completed, with Innosea having been one of the main partners since the project’s inception in 2019.

The aim of the project was to explore solutions to decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollution at ports by integrating local marine renewable energy systems, whilst also increasing a port’s resilience for the future.

“Ports are critical infrastructure beyond maritime – they play a central role in our global economy. Therefore, their development to be more sustainable and robust for the future is vital work. Our Innosea colleagues were able to contribute not only their expert knowledge in marine renewable energy technologies and their hybridisation with onshore assets, but also their services in consulting and analysis for climate change resilience.”

David Faulkner, Head of Ports and Harbours, ABL, sister company to Innosea

Innosea’s scope of work on the project included the assessment of tidal barrage potential and feasibility, technical guidance for implementing various renewable energy projects within European ports, including maritime civil engineering considerations, and development of a roadmap to mix-diversification and possibly energy self-sufficiency to provide guidance to the ports on their energy transition strategy.

Innosea consultants also supported with the provision of adaptation to climate change considerations to raise awareness among different stakeholders, particularly port companies, as their assets (nearshore, coastal, offshore) are facing heavy climate change impacts and will face even worst.

“We are really pleased to have had the opportunity to add to our original scope of work by advising the project on climate change adaptation. As a nearshore asset, port infrastructure is at the front line of climate change risk. We were able to bring experience in these areas across various marine infrastructure projects including in offshore wind, to raise awareness of the possible impacts of climate change in the future, and what steps can be taken for risk-mitigation.”

Maria Ikhennicheu, Mechanical Engineer, Innosea

Innosea’s work in climate change adaptation includes raising awareness of possible impacts to offshore, onshore and nearshore projects, climate change risk assessment, especially in offshore wind at insurance and equity investment stages, and a tailored service handling climate change projections for any given site, project or asset, using data store from the European Copernicus service.

Find out more about PORTOS here, or discover Innosea’s expert services in climate change risk assessment and adaptation: