Innosea completes numerical modelling on SEATURNS wave energy converter

INNOSEA have concluded work on a new concept wave energy converter (WEC) with Seaturns. The project, which spanned 5 years, saw INNOSEA provide a detailed numerical model for the system developed.

The WEC concept consists of: a cylindrical-shaped floater whose axis is parallel to the wave crest; an internal water volume that acts as a pendulum; a fixed ballast weight positioned below the floater; an innovative mooring line layout which couples the Pitch and Surge motion; and a longitudinal partition of the air chamber above the pendulum to create two independent air chambers.

The project aimed to build a model capable of simulating the dynamic behaviour of the concept, in order to conduct parametric studies and design variations with more flexibility and speed than with physical models tested in a laboratory.

The numerical model has been built primarily using the Orcaflex software, with the addition of a numerical code to calculate the internal forces in the concept – related to the dynamic motion of the water pendulum and pressure differences in the internal chambers.

Bernardo Kahn, specialist engineer and Rémy Pascal, Project Manager/Specialist Engineer at INNOSEA will present an overview of the project and concept at the upcoming Journée de l’Hydrodynamique conference on 22-24 November 2022 – which gathers marine and naval hydrodynamics professions in the civil and military fields to present and discuss the most recent and innovative research work.

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