ABL Marks International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Friday 11th February marked the UN’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022, promoting and encouraging gender equality in science and technology, and the vital role it plays in the delivery of internationally agreed development goals, including the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

Despite increasing efforts to encourage women and girls into science careers, a recent study by Columbia University reports that a significant gender gaps persists, with women currently making up 33% of scientific researchers worldwide. Looking more generally at careers in STEM, a report by STEM Women in 2021 showed that in 2017/2018 female students made up 35% of the STEM student body. This percentage drops markedly when the field is narrowed down to education in engineering and technology. Indeed, Engineering UK statistics from June 2021, shows that women only make up 14.5% of all UK engineers.

ABL Group believes passionately in equal opportunity across the science and technology space, and the critical importance of fostering an atmosphere of diverse perspectives and ideas in delivering solutions, which are more innovative, creative and equitable. A signatory to the UN Global Compact, we are a committed equal opportunity employer, with a mission to engage and drive conversations addressing the barriers, which prevent more equal representation among STEM communities.

We asked some of our colleagues across the group what gender diversity in STEM means to them….

Reuben Segal

“At ABL Group, diversity of skills and perspectives are key to the work we deliver. It’s what enables us to push the boundaries and to help our clients and projects meet the changes of tomorrow. Gender or background have nothing to do with scientific and technical talent, but we recognise there are still barriers that exist in our industry impacting a gender disparity in STEM industries. As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to, not just continuing to address these barriers, but more aggressively engage in conversations to help improve equal representation in STEM. The sustainability of technical industries depends on a wider talent pool, bringing in context from different demographics, and championing fresh ideas with equality and diversity being at the forefront and focus across our organisation.”

Reuben Segal, ABL Group CEO

“Gender diversity is essential to ensure that we bring out the best of ourselves and our work. Every individual in the workforce contributes with different skills and capabilities and the combination of all of them is what makes the strength of the team. Of course, this is applicable to every aspect of life, but especially in STEM where many challenges have to be faced every day.”

Patricia Mayoral Grigorio, Loads Engineer, Innosea

“With the challenges facing the marine industry in the coming years and decades it’s critical that we search out talented people whoever and wherever they are. There is an opportunity for you in marine technology whatever your background or gender.”

Duncan Grigg, Snr. Naval Architect, OSD-IMT, part of Longitude Engineering

“D&I within governments, companies and project teams is of paramount important at all levels. They must each be representative of the people they serve, only then can they each perform as they are intended to do so.

Climate change and the energy transition is a global issue. However, historically, socially created gender roles have not only shaped climate change vulnerabilities, but also how we, as a society respond to them. It is not about excluding men, or any other gender, but being more inclusive of women and the role they can play in the energy transition.”

Amy Dowdeswell, Snr. Project Manager, OWC

“In order to navigate the fast pace of change in our markets, we need to constantly foster innovation through diversity of skills amongst our teams. The gender gap in representation in STEM industries is becoming less prevalent in the UK and Longitude is contributing to that.”

Zahidur Rahman, Lead Engineer, Longitude Engineering

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